Whiskey Moon was formed after a memorable campfire between strangers.

Guitarist Darrel Randahl,  his fiance Brenda, and Tom & Judy Skerratt (from Country Calibre) were jamming at a campfire at 10 Mile Lake in 2022. They overheard singer John Heroux & his wife Edith clapping from a much distant campsite. So they waved them over. Well, Darrel went to set his beer down and get up and greet them. Darrel looked up and had a heart attack. Edith and John were right in front of him, somehow with superhuman speed they were right there,  dragging lawn chairs and big grins on their faces. Well Tom Skerratt went to get John a guitar and the rest is history.

Music, camping and friendship led to introductions to many of the local musicians around Prince George and Quesnel, and led to forming the current lineup with Bassist Derrick Clarke and Singer Lorraine Clarke. With the members having varying country music tastes of classic, modern and new, they are growing a songlist to please all country fans.

Whiskey Moon celebrates country music. Visit us on Facebook.


  • Darrel Randahl – Lead guitar, vocals.
  • John Heroux: Lead vocals, guitar
  • Derrick Clarke: Bass
  • Lorraine Clarke: Guitar, vocals