The Briar and the Roses are a band of friends that like to get together and play some music together with various backgrounds. Band is Heidi Jewett on guitar and vocals and her daughter Shawni Jewett with vocals, Elodieanne Browning on Mandolin as well as vocals and Amy Robertson on Fiddle and vocals and Ken Taylor on vocals as well as guitar and Orin on bass. Mother and daughter team roots from the East Coast. Heidi grew up surrounded by Country and Bluegrass music, with her family hosting regular Saturday night kitchen parties. Traditions were passed down to Shawni, who has the voice of an angel and can produce harmonies at the drop of a hat. Ken and Amy are well known in the music field and play at many venues/dances. Elodieanne grew up in Quesnel and area and grew up with the kitchen parties as a child and loved the old time music for singing and dancing. Orin has a long history of playing music with friends as well, playing down south across the border or in the Okanagan. Together we have fun and love to share our music.

Hope you love to dance and have fun!!!!