Mama’s Dream is made up of Debbie Harrington from Quesnel, Beth Bressette from Prince George and Tony Lukashuk from Reid Lake. Debbie and Beth have been singing friends for over 15 years and came up with this band name in honour of Deb’s mom, Bonnie, who was a great supporter of the duo and of all musicians. This spring they asked Tony to join them for the festival, and they are excited about the guitar and vocal skills he brings to the group.  Practising and learning each other’s new songs is always more difficult over distances, but thanks to Tony’s recording skills they’ve been able to practice with usb as much as in person.

Each member of the trio contributes a different flavour to the overall sound—Deb’s strong vocals and steady rhythm guitar bring a distinct country aspect, Beth’s accordion adds the old-time quality (she especially loves 1940s tunes) and Tony’s unique finger-picking style adds a certain folk feeling to his songs.  Enhanced with a bit of harmony and just a touch of harmonica and fiddle they’re off to a good start! They’ve tried to choose songs and tunes that are danceable and easy to listen to,  and they hope you enjoy hearing their music as much as they have enjoyed making it. They believe that one of life’s greatest joys and blessings is to be able to share the gift of music.