The B-Side is a 4 piece band. The members are :

  • Gordon Dorish, vocals, guitar
  • Marlene Bernier, vocals, guitar
  • Terry Receveur, ocals, accordion, piano
  • Duane Grant, vocals, bass guitar

We love to play Classic Country, old Rock & Roll, Texas Swing, waltzes and fiddle music from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Gordon and Marlene have played with the Mud River Band and the Elks Elastic band, and Marlene was an original member of the award winning Lakeside Ramblers bluegrass band. Terry has played with the Chainsaw Boys, the Elks Elastic band, The Barndance Boys and with the Oldtime Fiddlers. Duane is the newest member, formerly with the Mendoza Brothers and Tree.